KIT OPS "Smart Inserts"


(chippwalters) #187

Hi spiderbrigade,

Hmmm. Not supposed to be doing that. Can you take a couple minutes and test with a fresh portable version of Blender?

(Pitiwazou) #188

Give me 5% of the sells for the support ^^
I made a better one!

(chippwalters) #189

Thanks! Very much. Ping me privately and I’ll be sure and help you out. Much appreciated!

(Pitiwazou) #190

I was kidding.

(chippwalters) #191

OK. Thanks anyway. Though I did prefer your native francais. The French language has a nice tone to my ears.

(Michael Lombardo) #192

Holy s***! This is an awesome add on!! Where can I get a hold of more K-packs??

(Peetie) #193

Proud to present the first inserts for KIT OPS on gumroad. These are designed for maximum speed while maintaining control at the same time;

On Gumroad;
On Blendermarket:

(spiderbrigade) #194

I set up a portable version and that does indeed solve the problem, so I’m guessing it’s an addon interaction of some kind. I’ll start with a fresh install and add things back until it breaks, I guess…

(chippwalters) #195

Thanks for reporting back. Let me know if you find out what the issue is. Good luck!

(abdoubouam) #196

I noticed that Blender slows down a lot after a few minutes of using it (even after applying all inserts), and I also noticed a flickering in the ambient occlusion noise, which indicates that the viewport is getting updated unnecessarily. I checked my GPU usage and it was indeed very high, almost at 80% according to Process Explorer.
I have an intel HD4600 on windows 8.1
Someone told me once it has to do with the way Blender handles images, but I’m not sure I understand enough to submit a report without sharing the proprietary addon with the developers

(chippwalters) #197

Hey there everyone. I just wanted you know there’s a new KIT OPS video which shows you how to fix normals on INSERTS where they are applied on curved surfaces as you’re seeing rendering (smoothing) artifacts. This very simple method uses the Data Transfer modifier and can be used anytime you are having Boolean normal issues on smooth curved surfaces.

(chippwalters) #198

Nice job on that set of KPACKS. Some really great INSERTS there! BTW, I went ahead and added your offering to our web store, it looks great!

(chippwalters) #199

Hey folks, we’ve added another KPACK set by masterxeon1001 at the KIT OPS Store. It’s called the KIT OPS PremPack1 and it’s pretty cool. Also, you might want to check @Peetie 's (also very cool!) KPACK Set out at the store there, too!

(masterxeon1001) #200



Is anyone running into performance issues when adding a lot of inserts, or just a few from the Cutters Complex category?

I have a scene with about 50 inserts so i just assumed it was down to the shear number of them. But then I tried after adding the first 3 inserts from the Cutters Complex category to a simple cube and it’s still becomes unworkable with only 3 added. Trying to move the inserts around on the object is painfully slow- it takes about 3 seconds for the insert to catch up to the cursor.

I’ve tried on two machines one running a Xeon 28 core, 128gb ram, Quadro GP100 16gb card- as well as on a iMac Pro Xeon W 10 core, 128gb of ram, Radeon Pro Vega 64 16gb card. I did notice it’s a bit faster on the iMac Pro, but not by much, both running the Blender 2.79b and the Kit Ops 1.05.

(masterxeon1001) #202

some inserts in the complex category can be quite… complex. For example I remember making a couple that added up to 70 modifiers in 1 go. Which inserts are you using in particular? Or what does your mod stack look like when it finally begins hanging?

(chippwalters) #203

Also, please take a look at the troubleshooting guide in the manual. There’s an FAQ there about having to deal with a lot of INSERTS.


@masterxeon1001: The three I was referring to were under the Cutters Complex category; ADV Cube1 7, ADV Cube 2 8, ADV Cube3 4, after which it starts to chug. Yeah, looking at the modifier stack after inserting those three and it’s pretty deep.

I understand keeping the individual cutters within the insert live for customizing purposes, but I wonder if it may be worth having an another version where the really complex shapes only come in as one modifier instead of 10. I know I can Apply them individually in the stack, but then that removes the non-destructiveness aspect of the workflow which is pretty key.

For example the Dyna cert2 comes in with 30+ modifiers. From my perspective I’d rather it come in as one modifier if that’s possible, that I can keep live throughout the design process, rather than 30 customizable modifiers that I have to Apply in order to work fluidly. If only we had the option to merge/combine modifiers in the stack without baking them to the mesh… that would be something.

@chippwalters: Thanks for the tip. I did try some of the FAQ options, going into Regular mode, can’t say it helped much unfortunately. Turning off the modifiers with the M button does help. Would be nice to be able to leave it on though to help with combining inserts to create new shapes. I was looking at a previous post of your’s: “What happens when you peek inside a Blender Cube?”. I know it’s sped up, but at least on the surface, when you explode the model it looks like that cube has quite a few inserts and you’re able to move them without much lag. I don’t think my scene is any more complex than the one you created. Maybe it’s just my choice of inserts being the more complex heavy ones?

Anyway, thanks for the fast reply guys. I’ve only been using Blender for a couple of months, but between HardOps, Boxcutter, Mesh Machine and Decal Machine, my head has just about exploded. You guys and MACHIN3 are killin’ it!

(masterxeon1001) #205

The dynacert idea is part of a larger system but it’s also a demonstration in how you can create very complex cuts using other cuts to set up what is to happen with the subsequent cuts. If they were all applied it would now be the same result. It would possibly just be an error. It has a whole workflow attached that I am still ironing out. But HOPS boolscroll and additive scroll is part of it. But eventually a randomizer should allow users to plug an insert and scroll through supported variations of a part like some endless combination seed stuff im hoping.


I see, makes sense. Sounds like some very cool stuff on the horizon. I haven’t used Authoring mode yet, but In the interim, I suppose I could open the really heavy inserts in Authoring mode and bake down the modifiers there the save out new versions?