KIT OPS "Smart Inserts"

Playing around for a few mins with a bit with the megapack. The greeble pattern created with just 2 different kinds of INSERTS. Stay tuned for some new stuff in the works :slight_smile: Rendered with EEVEE

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Working on some INSERTS for a new tool… stay tuned…


Hi, I recently installed kit ops on blender 2.80 and I have encontered a problem.
When I’m in Kit ops factory mode blender freezes when I try tu cut a shape with Box cutter in a mesh.

These are the steps that provoque the problem.

  • open an insert in kitops factory mode
  • open box cutter (alt + W)
  • Try to cut a shape (ctrl + left clic) at this point blender freezes and no matter how long I wait nothing happens.

Anybody have any idea why this may occure?

You should probably post this over on the Hard Ops thread. I’m not all that familiar with Boxcutter.

Some more INSERTs testing. This is completely created using KIT OPS and INSERTS.


Added more renders-- focusing on better AO in EEVEE…


Just added a robot for interest. Calling him Observbot. All part of a larger scene with new KPACKs coming.


Id love to see some lighting rigs inside of KitOps … keep up the great work.

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Hey guys,
Just released a video tute on how to create meshes from objects created with KIT OPS modifiers. You can check it out at:


And another one on creating a SCI FI MONITOR in only 5 minutes…plus it also shows how to render it in Freestyle using SKETCH STYLE. Check it out…


My computer is macOS Catalina10.15, what can I do if I can’t install the plugin?

Did you see this?

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hey chippwalters, I bought your addon and love it. But I have an issue when I save an object. I save it like in the video but when I go to add it to the scene with out an object selected everything works fine, but when I try to snap to an object like a simple cube blender becomes so slow and it is way oversized. I tried playing with the settings and re-add the same object several times adjusting the settings but it is all the same. Any tips as to what I may be doing wrong is appreciated

Hello mister Chipp, could you please help me out regarding the how to make an insert of a material; I created a material and now want to apply it to other objects as an insert. Is this possible?
Thanks beforehand!

You need KIT OPS PRO to do that. If you have Pro then just open create an object (can be any kind), apply the material to it and save as an insert.

There are several videos and a help doc explaining it all.

Can you link me the object?

Thanks chippwalters I figured it out. There can be nothing else in the scene except the object to be saved

Whoa! Kitops rekindled my interest in Blender. I was very comfortable with 2.79b, and had decided 2.8 was too much to learn (74, hobbyist).
But got to go for it now. :wink:
KitOps Pro, Prem Pack 1, and NITROX3D should keep me busy. Also considering the EEVEE Mats.
I haven’t installed anything yet, but wondering if I can create organic alien inserts, not just hard surfaces? I’d like to add details to a ship, and fly in VUE or Carrara.
Would there be a problem with UVs or materials in those apps?

Thanks so much for taking time to create all these awesome tools for us, and making them affordable.
You’re an excellent teacher as well. :smiley::+1:

Later…got it installed and it’s helping me learn 2.81.

Daft question, can’t find anywhere that says how to build your own material inserts. Looking to add a library of materials I use to KitOps. Or is materials nor really what Kit Ops is about. (I have the Pro version btw).

Create any object (cube, sphere, whatever) and assign a given material, then make it an INSERT.

Then just CTRL click the Add INSERT button from KIT OPS, and it will assign that INSERT’s material to the selected object. HTH.

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