Kitbash crashing blender

Hey guys. Got a couple kits from kitbash and I have used find missing files like they advise for the textures, then select which models I want and export out as FBX.

All good, so import back into my scene and it’s not a large scene, about 10 buildings, a couple roads, one point light and a hdri. Then when I try and use render view, blender freezes for about a min then crashes back to desktop.

I am using blender 2.90 but just updated to 2.91 and same results.

My system i think is ok, 32gb ram, dual gtx 1080, i7 6700k, windows 64 bit and my storage for this project is on separate SSD’s.

Any ideas please blender heads?

Blender never crashes like this with other scenes, just when I use kitbash assets.

I will try same scene today on my laptop and see if different. Also might try opening a new project and append/link the scene and try that.

Thanks for listening.

Exactly same prob in here mate.
Waiting for some replies…

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Always try creating a new blend and appending the scene into it.

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Hey Cibo

Yeah it’s frustrating. Ok what I did yesterday, which seems to work for now lol

  • I downloaded the blender file for whichever kitbash set I purchased
  • opened the blender file
  • made sure I found missing files first (not sure if still need to do this with the new kits but I did it anyways)
  • selected everything and exported as FBX and saved as neo city for example
  • Then I open my new blender project open the neo city blender file, and select which object I want then copy/paste into my project

Yeah little bit of a hassle but it’s working fine now, touch wood lol

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Tried this and linking and didn’t work

Also I think kitbash has been very lazy doing this.

If you download the blender kit, it’s all in one big file but they haven’t named the assets with easy names so you don’t know what’s what, and they didn’t put them into collections so if you try and link or append there is no collections and if you try and do it by object or mesh, which you can, you would have to know the exact name for it.

Why on earth they didn’t just name things like lamppost, large building, tree etc i don’t know?

Same with the FBX file, no separate files just all clumped together in one scene.

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And yes we can separate the files ourselves and rename them, but having just paid money for these you would think they would be better organised.

Its definitely lazy (or even intentional) because the Maya, C4d, Max and UE4 versions are properly named and grouped AFAIK.
But even those are kind of lazy. I downloaded one of their free kits for Maya and all the shaders were setup for the ancient standard renderer with Pong shading NOT Arnold.
WTF? Nobody has a use for that, all the shaders need to be rebuild for Arnold which is the actual standard renderer in Maya now.
I think they only are worth the price today on Black Friday were everything is 50% off.
I gladly take their stuff for free, but even then the lack of organisation pisses me off (slightly).


Ok I think this is best workaround. Although again a little bit of work is needed.
I box select the building/objects I want then M - move into new collection and name it small building 1 for eg. Then after I have done all this, I link the collection into my main project.

Yes kitbash should have already done this, but they didn’t!

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going to try right now

Any luck Cibo?

it’s still messing up,
have 3090 but it still crashes blender every other time…
guess i’ll go with some other models

Sorry to hear that. Working great for me now. Gtx 1080.
I just have put which objects into groups I want then link them as a collection and no problems with crashing now.

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thanx bud,
i’ll get back to it when finished with recent project

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