kitbashing, nurnies and greebles

Hi all,

while watching some Bay Raitt videos about 3D for kit bashing,

I thought it might be useful to start a thread encouraging creating a repository (adding to the existing one)

Of useful 3D bits and pieces that can be used to ‘kit bash’ models.

For those not familiar with the concept - kit bashing originates from the practice of taking parts from a ‘model kit’ and using some of those parts in creation of a new model. Thus you might reuse tires and axles from one model for a new car model.

In 3D it is common to reuse hands, feet, ears, and eyes, sometimes full heads for body models.

Nurnies/Greebles are related - these are bits added to model that give the impression of lots of detail.

It might be good to get a large body of stuff with CC0 licenses for these types of things.

The existing Blender model repository is mostly CC-by- unfortunately that license is basically unusable for things like a still render with a bunch of minor elements from various things, it makes things like a short film clip impossible so couldn’t be used for any film (ie any trailer, or excerpt of the film would violate the license, since the attribution wouldn’t be included). I contacted the Creative Commons foundation suggesting another license variation that would be like the CC-by but would require attribution only where the original item is being distributed independently, as a collection, or if as part of a larger work then only in situations where full credits are normally given.

So you want Blend files with pieces of exhaust vents, cooling ducts and other assorted elements of a ship’s haul?

for an example, but as I understand it’s not really that limited,
pretty much anything useful is probably welcome. :slight_smile:

Right anything and everything.

When I have some spare time next I’ll get cracking, I need to make some libraries for myself anyway, so I might as well share them with everyone.

Perhaps have libraries for low-poly and SDS enabled; if a library is labelled as SDS enabled then it already has basic edge-loops/ hard edges placed on the object, for use with sub-division surfaces.