Kitchen area (modelling project)

For a while, I had a problem with starting new projects before the other was properly complete.

I said to myself that I would model an old photo of my kitchen until I was 99% happy with it.

before this, I had around 5 months of 3D experience but not spent as much time modelling so this is a fairly new experience for me. Was a useful experience and learnt a lot about modelling techniques but plenty of room for improvement.

I wasn’t trying to create an identical photo just used it as a guide - was mostly about creating the different shapes etc.


Final image (didn’t like the colour of other photo so changed it slightly)

I have plenty of critique for myself already but any extra is always appreciated

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I think objects in your scene look a bit ‘chubby’ :slight_smile:
Also focal length should be adjusted in my opinion. Camera seems to be farther to the countertop than in your scene.
Overall it’s quite good.

That looks good, but I just don’t like the lighting.
Though it is as in the original picture, I think it would look more pleasant to the eye if you add some (2 or 3) more (dim) lights around so that for example the front of the kitchen receives some light. Now it is nearly black. Not sure, but maybe worth experimenting with it.

Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t really mess with the focal length etc just tried using f.spy but never seem to be able to get reliable results with it!

Thanks for the feedback!

Nice! I really had to look twice to figure out what was the real photo and what was the rendering.
Maybe opt for a procedural material for the bench to eliminate that tiling-effect?

Greatly executed I would say

It certainly passes the “eye test” of – “what I’m looking at is a real scene.” :+1:

Now, a few suggestions:

  1. Proportions. Of course the tile backsplash provides an objective reference for the relative size of the objects, and so I wonder if the paper-towel roll is really the right size, etc. Did you measure real-world objects and verify that your renderings of them are, in fact, “to scale?” Was the reference image, in fact, an actual scene?

  2. Lighting. There needs to be another light on in the kitchen, probably of a different color-temperature. Don’t let the area in front of the counter – or, anywhere else – go “opaque black.” These added sources of illumination may or may not be allowed to fall directly on the subject-area scene, but they should be “soft fill light,” and a complementary color hue, to give the whole thing a pleasing balance.

Thanks for the feedback.

What do you mean about the reference image?


Are you using the filmic color manegement? Because some detail of the Tiles gets lost.
Another thing is the noise, I get that the reference image also has noise in it but the
Cycles noise looks kinda weird.
If you want that retro looking noise I recommend adding it in post.

Thanks, Yes using filmic. Noise was added post.

Ok in that case it is probably just me and the noise is fine. About the tiles: If it even bothers you, you schould probably change the exposure

I will have a tinker. Main problem is probably that I created the texture and normals myself from taking a picture of the tiles. Probably did it badly