Kitchen at night

My name is jimmy Widlund and i was just scrolling through the kitchen tutorial on BlenderGuru. That tutorial is for Blender 2.49 so i got this awesome idea to try make a kitchen and render it in Blender 2.5.

What i did was i modeled the kitchen as he did in Blenderguru in blender 2.5 and then Blenderguru went down to Blender 2.49 because it was curently broken when he did the tutorial. So i downloaded Blender 2.59 with luxnreder installed from I started to play around with the settings for a while. I learned myself the hard way!
After a long time of experementing i figured out some cool methods and material settings. I also learned about the interiour and exteriour things.

Now at this stage i was ready to work on the actual scene. So i started making the materials. And then finally i added lightgroups and 2 objects that are emiting light and those are the only objects that is emiting light.
I started the rendering and let it render over the night. After 8 hours it looked like it does now. I applyed final lense effects and then done!

rendertime: 8 hours
renderer: Luxrender
modeled in: Blender 2.59
made by Jimmy Wildund

I think you need more lights, or make the existing lights a bit brighter (looks very dark on my PC).

A bit more light, and a larger view could make this fantastic.Don’t give up.Try to find a way to optimizing your render times.My problem also, but 8 h :eek: