Kitchen Bliss

hey! I’m not sure if this project could really be called finished, but i think i’m comming to the end, please please please critique it!

Hey man, That’s looking tons better than last time I saw it!!!

The windows are looking really nice now, but I’d possibly lighten up the middle one, as it looks a little dark.

Other than that I’d leave it though and call it finnished!

Outstanding! I love the detail!

Very good, scene, but i agree that you need to lighten the outside. Light outside is always much stronger that inside, as long as its not a very clowdy day, or night. In a lot of inside photos, windows are just white due to the huge light intensity difference.

otherwise, well done.


thank you guys, i’ll update that

I’d have gone for stainless steel on the faucets, myself…but that’s opinion, not crit. There was a few posts a while back that featured some shaders for metals that looked amazing, but I don’t have a link.

Outstanding realism.

Oh cool, I like the old fashioned looking faucet :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, your salt and pepper shakers need some work, on the glass portion, anyway, if you could get rid of the black bit, and put some more salt/pepper into the shakers, then it would look that much better.

Some improvements there, but if you’re still looking for suggestions, you shouldn’t post in Finished.

That said… I find the yellow (spot?) lights confusing. Look at all the dark and light patches. I could understand a spotlight over the sink, but there seems to be one just behind & left of the viewer and another one further to the left as well. While the S&P have a nice light shadow, the faucet’s done seem to have any. Maybe the central one has a very slight one.

And there still is no light coming from the window. Did you try to change it to a dusk scene, so you didn’t need light nor shadows coming from the window? :slight_smile:

The faucets deserve lightening up to see the detail you have put in, they mostly look like an outline unfortunately. The highlights help but its still very black. If you lighten it a bit, you can still leave a darker bump. I can’t quite figure out if its black plastic or metal. If its plastic, it may actually be accurate though.
The edges of the S&P are so black they are definitely overdone. Do you maybe have a (too) high fresnel effect on them?

i think everything looks good,except the faucet,sprayer.

imo these should be shiny & metallic.

one suggestion is to put some water in the sink.