kitchen cabinet showroom

Hi All,
this is my first time to post my work.
I’m helping a friend to render a showroom for kitchen cabinet.
the modeling done with sketchup. Render and texture were done with blender.
i need feedback in render result especially lighting, shadows…everything.



Nice work. :slight_smile:

Very nice! Although the marble material on the side of the island looks a bit out of place…

thanks for your feedback…
i’ll look into the marble material…
more feedback please.
my friend comment said the shadow look odd…

The texture of the marble is too big to my eye. The left side of the window seems to be reflecting something not in the scene rather than the cabinet adjacent to it. The microwave and small bookshelf at the right side of the window look like reflections. I’m assuming that they’re mounted on the side of the cabinet to the right of the window yet they appear not to be real objects but reflections in the window.

get luxrender–it takes a lot of skill to get photorealism from Blender Internal.

also, it’s about 5x faster to model in blender :wink:

To callmeishmael:
i figured out the marble texture is odd, i got the texture from blender texture library. i can’t find a way to reduce the size of the material. so i just apply to the whole island table.
The most left side is a glass door, behind the door is another wood door to 2nd floor.
The bookshelf is actually located at the other side of the windows, but i have yet finalize the other side. so that may look wierd too.

To spacetug: i tried with luxrender. i thought it goes wrong when almost 80% of render, who knows later i found it’s really take long hour to render.

anyway, thanks to you guys… i will look into it for further improvement.

thanks a lot!

The base of the stools look a little like they’re pasted on top of the floor, same with the island. I would spend some time increasing the AO effect. The top of the image is dark; there would definitely be some light reflecting off the top of the cabinets back up on to the ceiling, so spend some time with radiosity. (oh man, it’s so touchy.) Decrease the reflectivity of the window. Make the geometry more complicated on the edges of the island and the cabinets. To reduce the size of the marble material, increase the sizeX, sizeY, and sizeZ in the Map Input section of the Material buttons (2.49). I’ve never used an external renderer, but on scenes like this, they make a big difference.