Kitchen from beginner

Hey all,

at first I want to introduce myself: I have always been interested in software like blender, but the older versions really were too complicated for me. About 3 weeks ago I found out, that there is a new version of blender, that is easier for beginners to learn. My first project was a bottle stand (cycles):

Now I´m working on my second project. A friend of mine is starting his house construction next month and I thought it was a good surprise to give him a nice render from his future kitchen. This is what I got, so far:

I´m not really happy with the result, what do you think could improve this render. Impressed by all the nice eevee renders I wanted to render with eevee, but the result didn´t look really realistic.

Don´t know what I did wrong :man_shrugging: Could you help making it a little more realistic?

Critique an tipps appreciated!

Thank you very much!!!

Hey there,

for a start these are already great renders!

The cycles render looks quite good, maybe you could use an hdri image with a sun, to get some more interesting lighting.

It’s always harder to render a scene like this in eevee. Did you bake indirect lighting? if not, have a look at this (or other) tuorials:

Also, don’t forget to turn on Ambient Occlusion, Soft Shadows and Screen Space Reflections in the scene options.

Thank you for your answer! I actually used an HDRI, but perhaps I’ll try another one. AO, Soft Shadows and SSR are already on, but I didn’t bake indirect lighting. When I am back at my PC I’ll watch the video and try that.
Of course you’ll get a pic of the result.

Thanks so far!

Well, today I had the time to try out your suggestion with baking indirect lighting. The result is in deed a little bit better in my opinion, but the floor looks too rough now. That shouldn´t be too hard to solve. Here is the eevee render with exactly the same settings as before + baking indirect lighting:

Then I changed the HDRI, as you suggested and added a towel to the sink (still have to work on that).

Finally I changed the perspective.

And here are the cycles renders for comparison.

I don´t really like the reflections on the faucet and the lamp shades of the eevee pic. Overall I´m quite happy with what I got. But it´s still so far from photorealistic. Do you have any more suggestions for getting more realistic eevee renders?

Thanks a lot!