Kitchen Interior Archviz (Cycles)

-Cycles 1300 samples-

Hi, this is my first time posting so be gentle :slight_smile:
Just started learning Blender a few months ago and this is my first serious render.

Looking to get some feedback on the lighting, composition, overall image feel \ quality or anything that could be improved upon.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!


I think it looks fantastic! Only things I see that might be a problem, is I think I would hit my knee on the back of the cabinet if I was sitting in one of those bar stools and the frame around the pock door seems a bit off - don’t know if it’s texture or the fact that there isn’t a track visible. Other than that, one of the glasses in front of the bottle kind of disappears, and perhaps a brighter colored fruit could be in bowl.

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Wow, very pretty scene!!
I’d advise you to work on the lighting, since it seems there’s lots of in in the room and makes all the textures look flat.
I guess you added a spot light where the camera is and it’s visible on the counter wall and a semi circle in the top part of the kitchen, use fill lights more lightly so the sun light will be more noticeable and shadows will be more visible.
The bottle and the glasses would benefit from less light too.
Regarding composition, both chairs, both ceiling lights and apples seem to be in an horizontal symmetry and those kind of things caught the brain attention and distract from the other details, so you should try to avoid those things, like rotating or moving on of the chairs a bit, or moving the apples off the horizontal center of the counter, or whatever you may think of.
Last thing I think is the backyard outside the door looks to light, if it’s from the HDRi lighting you might want to use another image that looks better.
It’s a very fine scene with very fine details.

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Thanks for the feedback TSPhillips! I completely agree and can’t believe I didnt see it earlier.

Thanks for the feedback Pablo! You’re definitely right right about the symmetrical composition and the overpowered fill light. The backyard is definitely too bright, will try to fix soon. Ty!