Kitchen interior archviz wip

I am a industrial/product designer, and I use blender/cycles mostly for product renders, but I would love to spend some more time and work on archviz renderings. I also want an environment I can use for product renders, to put products in an interior for a realistic showcase.

This project is my first ever interior rendering. I didn’t want to design the interior myself for this first project, so I found a kitchen reference I liked ( and I tried to get very close. Along the way I made some modifications, and I will probably make some more.

The interior and closets are all modeled by me, most of the 3d models come from poliigon, same for a lot of the materials. Some of the assets are modeled by me (the lamp, water glasses).

I am still working on it, but I am bit lost where I should spend my time, do I need to add more assets? Is the lighting correct or does it need to be more dramatic? Should the room in the back be visible, or is it distracting? Please give me your thoughts! Thank you!

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if i had to say anything, its that the main focal point, or the dead center of the image is a little blank. id definitely add more assets to the right of the sink. i think the counter to the right being kinda empty is totally fine. your colors are on point, scale looks fine and the overall image is really nice. try adding some more stuff towards the center and see how it goes. quixel has some good assets like food and fruit that could be nice.

Thanks for the feedback, I will try to add some more assets, I want to try to also model some assets myself, to get some practice in subd modeling, as I have a background in CAD modeling, and SS modeling feels still a bit uncomfortable to me. I will also try Quixel, for some reason I used mostly poliigon, but probably good to switch it up a bit.