Kitchen Interior Render


This kitchen render was my first attempt on achieving a somewhat realistic effect with blender. I rendered it with Yafaray. The modelling went pretty fast but it took me quiet some time to get the render settings right for photon mapping. Render time for 1920*1080 was ~12 hours.
Click link below for full resolution picture.



the edges of the marble/granite top surfaces could have a slight fillet ?
it seems there is uv stretching going on in the windowsill
I would do the oven glass part darker/or dark+reflective, but then again, you show your ability to model stuff, so i think this is a conscious choice on your part.

It could use some more antialiasing on some edges, notably the sink and window ledge, and there is some light leaking in the corner of the walls. If the walls are a single object and have thickness, you could try reducing the Diff. radius. You may also need to add more photons to compensate for the reduction.

I think it could do with a bit more light too, and the lighting is rather blue.

Thanks for the replies, maybe ill run a new render with some of the above mentioned tips :slight_smile:

very nice work , ^.^
i very like it …