Kitchen Interior

Hi Guys

First posting to the gallery. Kitchen interior I did as a test a while ago. Questions and comments appreciated.

Nice. I especially like the tiles. Is it a BI or yafray render? It’s just crying out to be done in indigo.

Thank you. :slight_smile:
Its a BI. I dont really use yafray or indigo, maybe I must for a change.

I agree with ben, this one would look tons better lit with Indigo or Yafray for the lighting is pretty flat at the moment, which is a shame because the texturing and modeling is really nice!

I find the perspective pretty formal and straight. It would be more interesting if the camera would be rotated a bit over it’s Z axes. Nothing wild or anything, but at least a bit more playful.

Do the tiles-texture has a bump-map to it? For it seems as if a bump-map was used, but the wrong way around (dents become bumps and the other way around). I also find it really ‘hefty’ (?, don’t know the word), it could be more flat and smooth instead of this bumpy. The wood-texture is really nice although some closet-doors having the wood-structure going the wrong or at least an odd way. (Horizontal doors should have a horizontal wood-structure right?) And add some shadows :).

Good work!

It SCREAMS for Indigo.

Let us show you the way grasshoppa! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is a great start. Some subtle bevelling on the sharp corners would benefit the realism of the piece substantially. Also, the cabinet doors above the microwave look like they’re a texture rather than modelled. (It made me examine all the other doors more closely to see if this is what you had done elsewhere, but this appears to be the only place where this effect is occuring.) I’m sure they are modelled, maybe just not placed properly? Also, the microwave itself needs to be made more interesting than it is (just a flat box doesn’t work - stands out too much in the well-detailed scene.)

I really like the soft lighting you’ve achieved with the internal renderer. But like the others have suggested, you’ll be surprised at the realism you’ll be able to achieve with a GI or MLT setup. (Takes much longer to render, but the results are worth it. You’ll find it takes quite some time to set up, too, with many “test renders” in between as you tweak your settings.) With them, you’ll be able to make your lightsources very realistic (such as the glass globes around your hanging lights over the counter.) Indigo is getting very sophisticated with its technology supporting this sort of thing (ie. SSS and caustics and bumps, etc.)

You might want to play around with more dramatic camera angles, too. A scene with the camera’s view plane that is exactly parallel with the back wall of the room doesn’t show off your detailed modelling as it should. Good work, overall! Keep at it!

nice modeling details and textures! :slight_smile: and good rendering particularly for a BI.

Thank you guys for all your opinions and advices.
Yes Roger I used bumpmaping for my tiles - will work on it. When you talking about the texture on the horizontal doors…do you mean the door above the stove?
The door above the microwave is modeled just like you said garuhh it just placed a bit wrong ( I will move it a bit forward)
Also agree with you guys about playing with camera a bit.
I’ve tried to render it with YafRay and see that I will have to change entire lighting settings.
With Indigo is nightmare…I installed the new 08 stable version and the script for it. But cant exe. in blender. Its gives me options and everything, but if I add any material in blender and then go to indigo options and press export scene it gives me fatal error: telling me that it cant find element ‘specular’ in element ‘phong’. So I really dont know what to do. Did any one had something similar??
Will play with YafRay so long.

Thank you


Texturing (same wood texture throughout)
Rendering (try yafray or indigo)

Indigo takes some getting used to. I would suggest visiting the forum at to seek whatever help you might need, as well as looking for radiance’s tutorial posted there as a primer. Indigo is not nearly as “integrated” as Yafray is/was, but there’s a script called Blendigo (see their forums in the Exporter->blender category) that, tho I’ve not tried, claims to make setting up your scene easier. Also, don’t be afraid to use the latest 0.9 test builds. They are usually stable enough to tinker with, while keeping you current on the latest settings. One thing you’ll likely eventually have to do is to edit your generated XML scene file directly. Don’t be intimidated by this, as its pretty straight-forward - organized in an understandable way.

Look forward to the updates!

With Indigo, you should be using the latest version which is 0.9 t 8. It’s not an official stable version, but don’t worry about it, it’s works just fine. You can download it here…

Mzungu is correct in that you should be using the Blendigo Export script. It’s very easy to use. The Installer that SmartDen came up with will automatically put everything where it needs to go. The dude deserves a very nice Christmas present from Santa this year! Download it here…

A good starter tutorial for using Blendigo and how to set up Materials can be found here…

The above page was written for version 0.7 of Indigo, and there are some differences between that and the new version of Blendigo, but they are slight and you should be able to figure it out without much effort.

If you need any help using Indigo, just ask. If you like you can even upload your .blend file and let one of use render it for you.


Correction… Version 0.9 is now stable. Just released today!

YAY!! Thanks guys!!! Indigo 0.9 is busy rendering my kitchen :smiley:
No UV textures yes…but I already see the difference :slight_smile:

You have been assimilated. Resistance is futile!!! :yes:

Please post results when done.

Hi guys!!!
Just want to inform you that you can see my <<kitchen - interior>> indigo version here:
Still have no textures on it, but you can already see the difference.
Please feel free to give your opinion.
Thank you.

Sweeeeeeet! :eyebrowlift:

Hey dude, you’re on the right track on everything but lighting. This scene is great, it’s just has really flat, boring lighitng. This scene needs shadows.