Kitchen Interior

This work in progress uses Blender 2.79RC2, I’m using textures from Poliigon and a reference photo from Houzz.

Not bad so far, the image just needs some more contrast and the green-grey paint would need some sort of glossy reflection. - It looks unrealistically dull at the moment. In particular where you look along the side of the kitchen counter, there should at least be some reflection happening, even when it is matte paint. - The floor boards might look better, when you modeled them with a beveled edge, if you want to put that effort in? ^^ … Overall a great base rendering, dress it up with some accessories and this should become a really nice interior visualization.

It looks like a great start, maybe it’s just me but the side of the kitchen isle looks oddly flat and I can’t really tell what material its made of.

I like the light setup, how did you light the scene?

Thank you for your feedback. That’s a very good point about the material on the island, I think I’ll add a woodgrain effect to it with a normal map.

The scene was lit using one of Greg Zaal’s free HDRI’s, it’s just called Woods I believe, I roughened the glass to give it a morning fog look. Originally the light source only came through the windows but didn’t really work for me, so I opened up the wall behind the camera and a little bit of the right hand wall (this could be one of the reasons the island looks flat on the right side).

Hey, coder how is the work coming along? I’m curios to see your progress!