Kitchen Knife 2

one of my kitchen knifes made in blender! proceduraly textured, simple node setup, the scratches node group i didnt made it practically, and its a little bit exaggerated the scratches lol…there is a low poly mesh too because i tried to bake the normal maps but it wasnt sucessful after several tries. available for download :wink: Kitchen-Knife2.7z (4.9 MB)

whats uppp :V

The scratches are to many. Looks like small hair. I’ll look into the file and report back to you.

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i know i exaggerated a bit, but can customize them tho

Typical. The file crashed on me. The sharp part should be more shiny. Like this image I found online.

By using vertex color and make the sharp part black and then use the attribute node in the factor on the mix shader to combine the shiny and the knife shader.

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did you open it in 2.79? no idea why it crashed lol

I used latest 2.8 build and it crashed because I was using an AMD gpu.

ok, sadly i cant use it right now, i need to use eevee to improve my texturing, its a pain in the ass to use cycles without gpu lol