Kitchen Model

Here is the start of a kitchen model i am doing, im trying to get it looking photorealistic which is why i have supplied my photon map aswell. If anyone has any ideas then please share.

In the photon map the marble texture on the work tops has been changed.

looks nice! does need some work though to make it photorealistic… just few things… it looks a tiny bit to clean, there are tiny white dots where the floor and walls meet and then its empty :stuck_out_tongue: but im sure ur fixing that :smiley:

keep up the good work!

hanks for the comments, and yes there is alot more to come in the way of detail, just trying to get everything right before i start adding things as this will add to the render time making testing a long process.

One more observation–side of the window has wallpaper on it. Whops?

I dont like the color of the granite/marble tops, and texture either, doesnt look “kitcheny” more like a dirty something i dunno…

well i didnt like the texture of the marble either so i changed it, i also chenged the lighting setup:

This is looking better. Smoth out he cups, and put a subtle marble texture on the black, acually it is not mable but granite so something like this(, and also put something between the countertop and the wall, something like this (

i might be wrong, but I’d say there’s something strange with the vertical scale of the room. Like the window should start on a higher level, and it seems the furniture is way too wide… i think the proportions would improve with a tad of z scale… excluding the marble slab, wich looks to wide for the room dimensions…

wow! thats really improving :slight_smile: the lighting is 500% better! and i like the way the blinds look. I agree with DDD though… the counter top looks a little to plain… make sure u tone it down a little more than on the first pic though… and i think it might look better if you turn down the mirroring a little

good work though! cant w8 till its done!

thanks for the tips, i will be adding a marble finish to the work tops and i will be toning down the mirror effect, just takes w hile with it being yafaray. Also i will be adding alot in the way of objects, including a cooker and fridge as well as pots and pans and a sink.

The proportional layout looks okay to me, the kitchen wasnt modelled with a reference picture, but i will have a fiddle round and see what looks better. i thought the new camera angle would look better but im not sure. Like i say though i will experiment with it and see what i can come up with. Thanks