Kitchen Model

ive fallen away from blender a little lately, but now i have more time to get back on it and i have started with a model of a kitchen. The basic modeling is done and in places i have started adding textures. The one thing which i am really struggling with is the sink. Although you cant really see it from this camera angle, i cant seem to work out how to get a smooth looking sink with a plug hole…

This is completely made up of the top of my head, so let me know of anything thing which looks good or indeed doesn’t.


The handles are a bit big I think and the stove/oven should be level with the bench top in my opinion.
Really like the tiles on the walls :slight_smile:
Lookin’ good!

I think you’ve got a good start here. If it were me, I would decrease the gap between the wall tiles. The grout line should be roughly 1/8 of an inch. Are you planning on adding grout? Also, you should slightly bevel the edge of the tiles so that it appears rounded. I like the design of most everything, but I agree with jake6644, you should make the height of the stove at least equal to the counter tops, if not slightly higher.

Can’t wait to see more!

yes i am going to add grout…and thanks for the oven height tip

i have fixed some of the issues raised…

  • raised oven
  • made handles smaller
  • made gap between tiles smaller

I have also added some plug sockets

today i installed luxrender, and after 10 minutes of rendering i have this…

im not going to do all of my wip shots in luxrender as that would be silly considering it would take a millennium to render each image :stuck_out_tongue: But i do plan on rendering the final scene in luxrender once i have made my CPU fan shut the hell up :smiley: next step is to add more details and objects and then i can properly think about texturing

Objects to add…

  • kettle
  • toaster
  • microwave
  • pans on the stove
  • chopping board
  • knife rack

please make suggestions if i have forgot something obviouse

You could add a blender…

Objects to add…

  • kettle
  • toaster
  • microwave
  • pans on the stove
  • chopping board
  • knife rack


Then it should be fine,:stuck_out_tongue:

a blender in blender :open_mouth: Paradox…

Well, I don’t know if it’s a a recent thing that Blender 2.5x is able to run Yafaray again, but this build is able to:

You are able to render more realistic images than with the Blender Internal, but it doesn’t take nearly as long as LuxRender. Just a thought. I’ve been using it, and I’m pretty happy with the results.

i just got the idea why the sink is not working…
just physics - not the blender’s, but just reality conditions - below the sink, there you have drawers. Where is the place for the bottom of the sink and for the pipes and so on? just imagine… what you’ve done is some 10cm deep sink with no water system out or useless drawers. make some construction there to make the sink working, as well as some little shelves around for spices ans stuff.

saijafari…you make a very good point, i definitely need to change those draws for a door to make the sinks position seem more realistic. spice rack is a nice idea

so after be told that sinks dont fit into draws, i have rectified my mistake by making two cupboards instead…
A strange thing when i done a quick render in lux…it seems to render the gap between the draws which used to be there even tho there is no trace of them left…anywhoo, here is a render of the changes in blender…

There is a gap between the 2 doors which is about the same as the gap for the draws, but for some reason you cant see it when rendered, probably due to the lighting…next i shall start to objects

first object made is a kettle, i did have a go at rendering it in yafray, but it actually looked more realistic in blender internal.
Model isn’t 100% accurate, but it will be such a small part of the scene it isnt going to matter too much.