Kitchen Modelled and rendered(My First Blender Work)

Hello Dear Friends,
This is Sinosh. I started learning blender just 2 weeks back. i found this software really good for modeling and rendering( I haven’t yet explored other than modeling and rendering :yes:)
This is my first work in blender. I followed one tutorial for modeling and rendering. its rendered in Yafaray.It took 2 hours to render. Still its noisy here and there. Any better way to render images fast but with High quality?:confused:
C&C welcome.

I like the top render, and I was quite surprised. You had typed like a noob but this is a great result.
Was this the, rendering with yafaray tutorial?

Very cool! I started with the same tutorial myself a few weeks, but yours looks a lot better than mine. I especially like what you did outside the window. The curves on the marble slab also make your model standout.

@Cire792: That’s the one. Here is the tutorial link.

Thanks Guys :eyebrowlift:
@cire792 yes it is Yafaray tutorial. I liked the tutorial verymuch. It is my first model in blender but not my first 3D model ever. i have worked on maya almost 3 years

Very nice!
Are marble counter tops supposed to be that shiny? You can see a perfect reflection of the faucet. o_O
In the second render, you can also see a repeat of the wood texture on the far right cupboard.

Nonetheless, a very excellent first production even if you had experience with Maya :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :slight_smile:
May be u are right,reflection is too much. but i kinda like it that way :). ya and nice observation there was seam. but in 2nd render(1st pic) i used a different seamless texture