An interior design I made from the reference pic found in pixabay.

Reference image:

My render:

Hope to like it!


very amazing work !!

I actually like yours better than the ref. There’s more contrast to it between the window and the rest, and yet the light comes in in a softer way, whereas the original one has a more agressive lighting (ouch! My eyes! :sunglasses:)
Just one tiny thing : your bricks might be a bit small.
But very pleasant result anyway. You really captured a nostalgic ambiance.

I really like this image a lot. the one thing, so you chose an image that is already pretty dark as your ref. but the darks on yours are a little flat i think. Also i am not sure if it’s intentional but very green. I love the cloth, so much detail on it. and the faucet too. Also really like the light pouring from the window. and the atmosphere around that.