Kitchen project revived (again)

“The Break Room”

These image links will last as long as my ISP doesn’t keep raising their rates.

Large image…

With a new computer soon, I hope to be able to do more improvements, on this project, quicker. The lag time interferes with my creativity.

Hey, thats sweet. All of those image textures really add realism. Keep going!

Really nice render!! I think the cupboards need some more texturing – they look a bit “flat” at the moment.

(Btw, you could always upload your images to a free image hosting service like Polorix or Photobucket, rather than depending on your ISP :p.)

A few people mentioned that to me, the texture on the cupboards. I tried some texture, but I need to work on that. It looks horrible when I do. In the meantime, I added dirt-marks around the knobs.

Think of the cupboards as the old 70’s cheap Formica style. Bowling allies, and cheap fast food restaurants, from ages ago, were known for that style of furnishing. …and the color too!

There are great details in this. You not only have the appliances plugged in, but also a cigarette but on the floor. That is just great. I am with leojS about the cabinets, they need something more. Maybe more dirt and scratches would liven them up.

Edit: You posted just as I did. If the Cabinets are Formica, they should have a very fine bumping / semi reflective surface. Maybe that would bring up the realism.

Check out the article mentioned in this blendernation post: