Kitchen Project

I am I relative noob to Blender, so I figured I would start up my first major project, and, well, here it is:

This is the Image the project is looesy based off of:

This is one of the Tea cups, it will be replaced, it was just to see if I could model :stuck_out_tongue:

C&C is welcome :slight_smile:

Oh, I almost forgot, the final image will be rendered in Indigo.


The teacup handle doesn’t look like it’s attached to the cup. Is it a separate mesh?

There are a couple of tools that might help with those circle inside a square teacups you’ve got there.

First, if you select some vertices and press SKey then X or Y or Z then Zero, the vertices will line up perpendicular to whichever axis you picked. Useful for getting flat sides without disturbing the rounded corners.

Then, if you select a loop of vertices (such as the squared off outer edge, duplicated and scaled in a bit) you can turn it into a circle using the “to sphere” button on the mesh tools panel. Put the cursor in the center of the circle, and use the cursor for the scaling pivot.


Really Nice! I really like the tile and grout. Also, do my eyes decieve me, or am I getting a bit of reflection from the sealer at the backsplash joint?

Nice detail.

OBI_Ron, i think that’s a reference image.


Right you are!!

I wish I was that good :stuck_out_tongue:

I had just been browsing the finished projects, then hopped over to wip and forgot where I was.


Ah, yes, it is a seperate mesh, this is my first modeling job, so I didn’t want to push my luck with changing my existing mesh.

I think I am going to change to round cups, becuase the w -> difference option is giving me trouble, with a non-round mesh.

Just remember to put that detail in the final render. A little bump in the mesh, a little reflection…:smiley:

Hmm, for some reason my image on one of my planes isn’t rendering, it is just showing up as black, weird…

Does blender have a max texture size?

You may not have a light shining on the plane, or the plane’s normal may be facing in the wrong direction.

Lights have limits, which you can change with the light button’s lamp panel. The Dist parameter is the distance at which light intensity is halved, unless the Sphere button is pressed, then the light cuts off at the distance limit and anything beyond renders black.

Normals can be changed by the Wkey specials menu. One of the options is flip normals.

Is the texture set up the same as a working image plane?

Hope this helps.