Kitchen render, took ages to 3D model the oven and you can't even see it.... TYPICAL

(Snappycgi) #1

:spin: what do you guys think?

(Erisian) #2

Wow, are you sure you didn’t just take a photo of your kitchen? That is awesome modelling and texturing and the lighting is perfect too!

(Rasdini) #3

Looks Great. Tweek the camera up a little and move the island to the left a little increasing the gap between the island and the counter top. Then you should be able to see most of the stove you sweated so much over.

(ronin19587) #4

Nice scene… The flooring needs grout and is a little rough for interior flooring… I used to do tile… Just an observation. I love it though…really well done!

(Meshmonkey) #5

Lovely and very convincing!

(Snappycgi) #6

Couldn’t get grout in the tiles as its a texture from Polligon, I will end up having to make my own again :frowning:

(chuoiit) #7

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