Kitchen Render

Kitchen Cabinet demonstration. Any helpful pointers to improve my realism would be appreciated:


Awesome render, @Ryan_Glick. Something I hope to achieve one day.

Surface Imperfections. Image is a little small to tell what you have/have not included in terms of surface imperfections, but at a quick glance the kitchen looks VERY clean. MAKE IT DIRTY!!!
Dirty things look real!

Two aspects bother me

lower left corner the table and chair stick in like an accident
too much empty space infront of the mid lower section of the image
think about what you want to show? can you model or do you want to draw attention to particular areas of your kitchen!

I would in general crop the view differently and move the camera
Moving the camera forward might already be sufficient

above the fridge the area to the ceiling is too dark - no other area in your image has that and thus it sticks out

amount of modeling and adding details is well done

Beautiful :+1:

I’ll try moving the camera forward and maybe adding a light back in the corner to remove the dark shadow. Great advice, thanks!

It’s suppose to represent a new kitchen install, but it does lack the even new construction imperfections I guess. I will see what I can come up with. Thanks for the advice!

Thanks! I appreciate it. I’m still just a couple months in when it comes to blender/3d work, so I’m sure you can do as well or better with a bit of work.

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