Hey guys,
i’m working on an interieur scene at the moment and would be happy about any tips and critique.
My biggest problem is the lighting i think… (only using sunlamp and HDR)
There’s still missing a lot. I do not have much choices regarding the furniture etc…


The modeling looks good. The renders are dark as you mentioned the lighting, washing out the textures/color. If you are using cycles for the renders, try using flat planes as light source rather than a sun lamp. I have only messed with cycles a little bit, even less so with HDR, so I can’t give much in the way of specifics. Now that I think about it, that wasn’t much help at all :rolleyes:

Looks good, Only critique that I would mention that wasn’t mentioned above would be the grey outdoors and the tables all being excactly the same, even a fancy place like that can’t have all their chairs at the same exact angle.

i know this is in WIP… i like it, besides the grainyness it could pass for finnished hands down. great work.

Thanks guys. Here’s a little update…


got the fire extinguisher and vegetables from blendswap…

Damn… that’s a big project! Like someone else mentioned, it would be worth it to put some variation in the tables and chairs… I’m not sure if you using arrays, but maybe look into group instances. The nice thing I have found on those… unlike arrays is you can rotate / translate each instance seperately. So if you created one group being a single table, and one group a single chair. Than you just start adding group instances of them and just rotate some of the chairs and some of the tables. The real nice thing about them is they don’t take additional memory (or next to none). Not sure if your rendering with GPU or CPU.

Have you experimented possibly adding some color in dining area… even maybe some pictures hanging up on the wall. But if you did nothing else, no doubt, you’ve done an excellent job.

Rendering is much better than your early posts!But the light of the daylight lamps are looking blur.