Kitchen Scene with Kettle Needed

I have need of a skilled blender artist to render up some images of my electric kettle designs within a modern kitchen setting. I will prepare the geometry in Blender and provide a spec for materials and colours.

I can build geometries, but have absolutely no skills in photo-realistic rendering - hence this posting.

The geometry will hopefully be completed in a few weeks.

Please can you post or send me some examples of your work and an idea of your charges.

Many Thanks

I sent you a PM.

Sent you a pm

PM sent, w8ing for responce

Thanks to all who have replied. I’ve looked at all the portfolios but have had little chance to do much else.

For those who have quoted by the hour, could you give me some idea of how many hours you would need to do 1. Kettle in a kitchen scene, 2. Kettle on its own with no significant environment

For all: I want to experiment with different colours and textures. How much extra per image would this cost?

For all: who owns the rights to the images produced.


Yawn, I normally do this shit for free.

Hi, KettleMan
In my webpage you could find some of my works:

Here’s my website hope you’ll like it :smiley:

OK. That’s a fantastic response. Unfortunately, I’ve not had time to prepare the geometry yet. I anticipated a minimum of two weeks and maximum of four before I get in touch with some of you.

Many Thanks

I sent you a private message. Cheers.