Kitchen - Still Life

An impressionistic still life with over-the-top lighting, created in Blender and rendered in Cycles. All textures -


The colors are just amazing. Great work as always Gleb!

Awesome work!
I would like to see a few more small, detailed wrinkles in the plastic wrap, specifically in the areas that would be cold/room temperature. It loooks a bit too smooth in those areas. (Basically, it looks too thick/heavy/soft in the dry, cool parts.)
I know it’s technically finished, but thought I would just put it out there for the heck of it.

Gleb, just amazing, like your amazing tutos!

Unusuaul view. +100500

Great sepia tone. Nice image.
Can you explain how you did the wireframe please? Is there a tutorial for this? The only method I know is to assign a wireframe modifier.

Oh! Come on Gleb! That’s amazing! Why don’t you make a tutorial on some stuff from this image?

Go to the object properties tab > Select “Wire” and “draw all edges” from the display menu:

Very nice scene and interesting intense lightling!

Very great work. I’m guessing the residue on the jar in the back is made using textures and nodes, since there are no smaller objects in the wireframe image.

This looks fantastic, such warm tones from the lighting, almost sepia-like. Very nice work Gleb :smiley:

Nice work. Not to be pedantic, but shouldn’t a “still life” feature some life (plants, fruit etc.)?

Not sure why this one is top image, its overlight and to heavy contrast. Materials are all blurred together, if im honest its your name which made this a top image.

Feels like some promo for that texture site.

Great light Gleb!

Yeah, not my favourite Gleb work if I’m honest.

I find myself asking why someone would place a random piece of plastic over these objects?


Is there warm coffee in those cups? If so, why aren’t they generating condensation on the plastic.


Why is the kitchen so dirty? Isn’t the action of using the plastic to keep dust out of the cups a moot point in such a filthy kitchen?

All these questions take me away from considering the aesthetics of the image.

But when I do, I find that the heavy vignette on the bottom left of the image distracting.

Nice Texturing.

And you’re right, it’s nodes & textures.

ah maybe :slight_smile: who cares, anyway, let the spirit flow)))

Thanks for you opinion Bliz. In fact, I agree with your comments about condensation on the plastic and other things.

Interesting scene. As you said, it may not be your best, but still very interesting to me. The vantage point, the assortment, the tones. Just a couple questions out of curiosity, not a criticism. Why are there so many wires on the small jar under the outlet? Also, why is the cigarette butt a texture and not modeled instead? Again, just curious. Thanks.