Kitchen table

My first time posting something to the forum.
Modeling:Blender 2.66
Render:Cycles(600 samples)
For this i planed to do a lot of stuff but due to lack of RAM(i have only 4gb) i have to stop at this point…
C&C are welcome…
Hope you like it.
P.S.If my english is wrong,i apologize…


Hello SlobodanCGI. That’s looking nice. I like the plants on the corners. The floor is also very nice looking. Of course I like the table. The camera lens distored a little too much for me, but that is only a small thing. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

^^^Thanks for the comments.For the camera I use focal lenght of 18mm…maybe to low…Maybe i will later render with another focal lenght and diferent camera angles and post here.:yes: