Kitchen test

Hi everyone, thats my last project.
Took about 35 minutes to render.
In fact I’ve got 2 images I just don’t know wich one to keep. They just have a subtle color difference.
What do you think?
Hope you like!


Added clay render.

Some little details could be improved but overall is looking good.
I prefer the first, warmer image as the wood color seems more “correct”.

Thank you! Can you tell me exaples in what details to improve?

Maybe someone more experienced can give better advices, anyway here mine:
the wood of the cabinets (under the pot) is not very nice, usually there should be a gap between the “body” and the door;
noise from the render still visible in the shadowed areas;
minor repeating pattern on the top beams;
wooden countertop edge not coincident with the lower white “cube”;
usually the lower beam is larger/bigger/wider than the ones is supporting;
if you search for images of “wooden kitcken” in those photos usually (again…) there are only 1-2 different types of wood in a room, but this is just a matter of taste.


Hi thank you once again, the amount of wood material is just that the base image I used was like that, other than that I will work on the thinks you pointed :slight_smile: