Kitchen tragedy :) [update on page2]

An image inspired by the WC#126(living objects), but as I started it on monday, I couldn’t finish it on time.

A crazy and angry egg beater running after an egg… No, I promise, I didn’t drink anything but water before having this idea :wink:
And a slightly bigger version here :

I’m still not satified by the light on the scene, the shadows are too “sharp” I think. I don’t know how to fix that. (I used the internal renderer and AO for this)

LOL! Very funny. Great idea.

As for the softer shadows, play with the SOFT value on the spotlight, ( I am assuming that is what you used), or for even better results, use an Area Lamp. Area Lamps produce nice soft shadows, but with higher render times.


I freakin love it!!

Did you use any motion bluring?

I would have voted for this. :smiley:

looks more like it wants to eat the egg insted of blend it but man it hilarious

But somethingis not right. There are spots at which I’m laughing my head of (like the eggs in the shell, or whatever you call that), but there are parts which don’t seem right. I can’t quite point my finger on it, so I’m just guessing, maybe the disturbing thing (to me) is that the egg beater doesn’t line up with the path that the egg is running, or maybe that it’s not looking at the egg? But I don’t know, and I love it overall, just I have this strange feeling that something is not perfect.

There’s no sense of motion. crazymopho mentioned motion blurring, but I don’t necessarily think that’s the thing you need. Try bringing the running egg up off the table and stretch his/her/its legs to exaggerated lengths, and tilt its body back a bit more. Maybe bigger eyes, droplets of sweat flying off of it, et cetera. Try something else for the mixer’s legs though, make it look more like it’s got a stumbling-monster gait than just walking after the egg, as it looks like it’s doing now.

These are minor details, though; nitpicks, even. :smiley: It’s damn close to perfect.


very cool, and that egg carton texture is spot on.

First of all : Thanks a lot everybody for the nice comments and constructive criticism :smiley:

Well… I used a sun lamp :expressionless:
I’m just trying a render with a spot, the shadows are softer but I’m not sure it’s better (I’m only at half of the render now). Next I’ll try with area lamp (I’ve never try these lamps before)/
The ligth is really my biggest flaw in Blender I think, I never manage to get what I want, though I improved a little :smiley:

The more I look at my image, the more you seem right about that point. It looks like the eggbeater it looking at a point just above the egg.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, I especially like the idea to tilt a little the egg to really give the feeling it’s running away.

Wow… Many things to try, to change…
/me rush to work on blender :wink:

great “eggspresion” on the eggs…

they look terrified :smiley:


I like this picture alot. The only thing I think would make it better is if the eggs in the cartons were looking at the eggbeater in fear. I think thaty would add a little to the “cartoon realism” of the scene. :wink:

I love it very well done.

Awesome! I would have definetly voted for this :smiley:

Wow! I like it, very very funny and fanciful…
I like the expression on the characters too.

The plug on the blender, I’m guessing Europe or South America. Cute scene. :slight_smile:

That’s AWESOME!!! :smiley:
Any perceived shortcomings in the technical side of the render are more than made up for by the hilarity of the whole image!

New version… I hope it’s improved.
The light was too bright on the first image I thought, so I change that, and also the positions of the legs of the egg and the beater, to try to give the impression they were running, and not slowly walking :wink:

And still the 800*600 version in better quality :

For the first time I used an area lamp, and I had some strange result with it. I started my tests with that kind of lamp on a scene made of a sphere on a plane, and after 15mn (yes :-|)trying to find how it worked, I managed to get a fuzzy and nice looking shadow. Now, I applied the same settings to my scene(i.e areaLamp + rayShadows with samples at 16), and the shadows are still sharp (but looking a little better anyway). I guess I missed something somewhere.

Lol the woman or man cooking must have accidentally used a recipe for disaster (corny, I know.)
Maybe they accidentally opened up a can of whoopa$$ :wink:
great work.

Very nice. :smiley: I don’t think the hard shadows are wrecking it in any way, since it’s got a cartoonish look to it overall. Great job, duskblue. When my son (19 months old) saw it he stood up and pointed at it and got a huge smile on his face. Thought you might like to know. :slight_smile:


Wow, so much better!
Great job!