Kitchen view

Hi guys.

*looking for comment on:

  • camera view
  • the proportion of object
  • textures

Any comments are appreciated. :smiley:


Two things:

  1. That background that you can see throught the window is weird.

  2. The microwave next to the blender is too big.

the camera is ok the propotions (for me not) but it is design ! the textures (to much repeat) and the x-y went wrong . i think you are an beginner but it is ok for me (no1 are perfect :D) i`m also a beginner and i hate texturing with blender, but i love to modelling with it (awesome)

I recommend rounding out the edges slightly around the counters and cabinets. It is more accurate to reality, if that is what you are going for. :slight_smile:

I personally would change the camera to just above the right kitchen counter, looking straight at the wall with the microwave on it.
This would give you quite a lot of room to add little details like maybe a bowl of fruits and stuff, if you added them now, we could barely see it, be cause the camera is so far away.

Besides that, maybe you could split up the floor into 2 different areas. The one INSIDE the kitchen (starting between the counters) and outside of it, keep the tiles for kitchen, but change the other area to maybe a wooden floor. Just a suggestion.