kitchen WIP

here is a kitchen I am working whit:
Its my secound pic I have made in blender, so its not wery nice.
pleace give me some feedback on ti

For some reason I get the inamous geocities “Can’t view this page.”

If you figure out what’s wrong… repost your pic… I’d really like to see it.


copy n paste it, or drag the url into your address box… great pic! i like your style

very good for your second picture in Blender. My only suggestion is the handle on the drawer in front of the sink seems a little too big. But overall a very nice picture.


cool to see that you liked my pic :slight_smile:
I’m going to fix the drawer, thanx for the advice


Since my assumption is that you’d like to get better, I’m not going to show any mercy. :smiley:

  1. There are definite scaling problems (which is common when just starting). Compare the height/depth of the refrigerator to that of the stove, for example.
  2. Colors - how about making the frig a more common color. White was not uncommon for older refrigerator models.
  3. If you looked a few pictures of stoves and fleshed out some of the detail in yours accordingly, you could really improve this. Right off, it’s not very common to be able to see through the glass on the front of an oven door - it’s usually thick and dark.
  4. Add more detail to the cabinet - one drawer isn’t very realistic.
  5. The clouds in window look like the sky is turned on its side. If you look out a window, you’ll see that the as you get closer to the horizon, the clouds will have less and less height, and you will see the sides of them more than you see the part that faces the ground.
  6. Maybe you could make the window “openable”.

A update on the pic\kjkken.jpg

looks a lot better. I think that you may want to have some more shadow. it’s very good for a first picture, but the clouds do look wrong, to near by, they don’t get smaller. Maybe you want to play a little with the “Edge” function to get some more cartoon in there.

Question: What is your intent - to make it realistic, or to make an image that looks more like a cartoon?

If it’s the former, I have another list of suggestions:

  1. Fix the clouds. : ) You can get a reasonably good cloud effect by using a blended texture (from a sky blue at the top, to a very light blue at the bottom). Combine with this, a cloud texture on a separate texture channel that is scaled up along the x-axis.

  2. When I mentioned making the window “openable”, I was referring to creating the window frame, along with the upper and lower panes. If you look at a window like this (they’re pretty common), you’ll see what I mean.

  3. There are still some scaling issues…the sink is about as wide as the top of the stove. This might be OK if the sink had two (traditionally squarish) sections to it, but it doesn’t - it’s just one big basin. It even looks more like a sink you’d find in a bathroom. The frig still isn’t quite right - if it’s going to be that tall, it should probably have more depth.

For your second blender image, it’s much better. :slight_smile:

good pic, needs some better lighting though. awesome for a 2nd picture!

p.s. clouds look a bit strange. hmm…