Kitchen with Dining Room and Some Retro Assets

Inspired by a furniture or interior design ad paper, I began modelling this kitchen, using also the 3dmodelhaven retro coffee machine. I put some candy and orange juice on the table for an inviting scene. Thanks for any feedback.

Final result:

I now rendered it with 700 samples and I will probably do another render with higher sample count.

Here are another two versions, with a bit brighter HDR (strength: 17) and 750 samples.

With depth of field of 5.6:

Without it:

I´m a beginner, but try to give some useful feedback:
Pretty nice concerning lighting and materials :+1:
The proportions seem to be off somehow. Can´t even say what exactly doesn´t fit, but the kitchen itself looks too small compared to the chairs, table and couch. Perhaps vou should blur the background a litte, too!?

Just my beginner opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: I don´t see any difference between the pics with and without DOF :man_shrugging:

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