Kitchen with mothers little helper

I need to add a stove and dishwasher yet, but thought I’d post this for any comments/criticisms. Not sure where this is going yet, but figured a kitchen could come in handy later for something or other. Specifically, any thoughts on why I’m getting that streaking over the window?


Hi teelaklaatu. If I may -I’d suggest putting in softer edges for some of the objects in the scene i.e. the fridge. The edges are too rigid / straight and the fridge should not be touching the floor… it’s not realistic… which sort of seems to be the look that you’re going for. Also the kitchen looks too clinical. Almost like a hospital :slight_smile:

Try to add some utensils and maybe a flower pot or a window…and maybe a source for the lights as well. At this stage the spotlight is shining right onto the roof thingy…

But nice start so far.

Thanks! Great point on the fridge and adding the clutter that usually inhabits a kitchen. And the lighting, too, I haven’t really tackled that beyond creating the ubiquitous flourescent fixture that graces many American kitchens. I’ll add in a light above the sink, at least.

I tweaked the fridge a bit, messed with the lighting (hey, that was a learning experience!), and added a couple of things to the counter.


That fridge looks really big, and it’s reflections need a little work. If it’s made of the bumpy painted metal, then you need to add a bump map, right now it looks like a perfect mirror. What about a table, or something? The middle portion of the kitchen looks a little empty. I guess you could add an island too. Also, where’s the food? More small appliances would be good.
Good job so far!

Well done so far! That fridge came out really nice. Even though it does look a little big. I agree with marky1991 on that one. And yes an island would be good in the middle. But until you do that - well done!

Its looks like you used some of the AA in the last scene - good start. I’d suggest to add a hemi as an extra light to AA, so you dont have those DARK spots all over the kitchen. Also add some light sourse ( I mean - model it), coz at this stage it doesn’t make sense where is the light coming from.
Add a liittlee bit of a mirror and specular reflection to your tiles and reduse their diffuse reflection.
Its all about lighting (for now), lets take it easy.

Also…im not sure if you fixed it already - on your 1st picture I see those lines above the window frame, usualy that happens when you put 2 planes on top of eachother.
I agree with guys…your fridge is too big …make it narrower. Also add some handles to you kitchen draws. We will talk about texture later.

Very promissing work, man…dont stop the thread, along with guys on this forum you going to make a beauty :slight_smile:
Take care

I wish we had a fridge that big! Glad I don’t have ceilings that colour tho’.

The salt shaker seems out of proportion to the rest of the scene, if you have the Time you could change the Relative Distance In Space.

Thanks, all! It’ll take me a few days, but I’ll have an update before too long. I think the fridge may look that way because I’ve got the camera focal length set to either 19 or 21 mm, which distort things a bit. I’ll mess with that also, because I see what you mean.
An island and table are in the works, as are some more counter items and maybe some knick-knacks.
Thanks again!

Not much time tonight, so just a couple of changes. Wall color, lens focal length, and added an island. I think the fridge looks better with this lens, eh?


:slight_smile: the blender on the tabletop is funny… caus it’s a blender… in blender :slight_smile:

I simply had to put that in. Glad you enjoyed it.

Just one change tonight, a wall-mounted double oven.


Thanks for the CnC, folks. I’m going to be mostly offline for the next couple of weeks, doing silly things like buying a house and moving my family here. I’ll have an update on this one around the new year!

great so far, colours are a bit strange, but i dunno where you got them from, so who am i to comment?