I made this pic inspired by a photo I found on the internet.
Blender + Yafray + Photoshop

Wow, this is excellent. The realism is very well realised.

The only issue I have is the window; it’s possibly too white, maybe you could’ve added curtains to break up the light a bit?

Anyway, I’d like to see this on CGtalk.

This looks extremely real - very good work!

I agree with Wiggie about the window - and I think the extractor hood looks strange (if it is one, I mean the door above the cooker).

Something really strange is going on with the reply window so I hope this works…

That’s really brilliant realism. The textures and attention to detail are amazing ! Only a few little things can I see that give it away as CG :
Glow effect. Looks nice, but maybe it’s a bit much here.
The fruit. They don’t appear to be textured.
Some nasty jagged edges.

Were it not for these, if I was told it was a photograph I would never have doubted it. Fantastic work.
What was the render time ?

That’s a really nice scene. :o

My only crit is the jaggies on the wooden pantry doors near the bottom of the image.

Very good scene. I really like the colors :smiley: The window is fine. I agree on the jaggies on the wooden pantry. But I guess you can’t fix that (otherwise you would have done it already) And I like your tamotoes :smiley: Very Good work.

The rendertime was quite high. About 40 hours for the GI pass. And about 2 hours for the arealight pass. You have to consider though that the GI settings were ‘high’, and that there are about 1.5 mio vertices + a few Megs textures in this scene. My computer was swapping from the start. Maybe this is one of the causes that it was quite slow.

I don’t think that the glow is to strong. There’s less glow in this image than in many of my others.
The fruit are tomatoes. Most people I’ve shown the image to said that the tomatoes look very good. It also was the shader that I’ve spent the most time on.

I agree about the jaggies. Try to look at it as if the wood is worn in these places. That does the trick for me :slight_smile:

hannibar, you did an excellent job with this image! Very good attention to detail! I have no crits from a technical standpoint… only from more of an “artistic” one: it would be nice to have some detail in the window. Its just a big white empty square right now… I realize that anything you put there will be sillouetted, but that would be okay. (For example, my windows are “divided” into smaller panes.) You might be able to see some of the window frame and sill as well. Your “glow” effect is excellent and could partially occlude these details… I just think it would add realism and interest to that area of your image. I do like it as is, tho! (Especially the tomatos… yummy) :slight_smile:

This is superb ! I let my wife see it, and she told me this is the one she wants :frowning:

Wow, nice job!

Congratulations on a picture very well done.
Not quite realistic yet, but it has special qualities over it
such as looking very homely and “warm” instead of “cold computer

Nicely done!

Wow! Amazing!

My crit is: OSA! You needed some here! And if it was on high, turn on motion blur to make it even better!

P.S. How long did it take to model?

that is very close to photoreal.

whoa !!! that’s really amazing, i think it’s fine, if you done something with that window,

keep the glow, i love it !!!

divide the window into 4 sections, with the same glow, like a old cottage window, i know it’ll be contrapontal to the main scene, but a modern kicten in a a old cottage would be werid, and a older windows will give a warmer feel to the scene


Nice and very realistic, the only problem I see is one of the undersides is pitch black.

This could be cgtalk frontpage. The details are amazing.

Please put this on cgtalk and let the world see your talents on blender. Its not just Lightwave, max and maya that can do that kind of thing. Its the person that uses the tool.


LMAO! Read the thread buddy…

Very nice. It looks very realistic. I would keep the over exposured window. It gives the illusion that a real camera was involved in making this picture. One small crit though: the edges of the window are too sharp, it makes it look 2D

Enne… de tomaten moeten ietjes meer glimmen :wink:

Whoa…I am speechless…
picks up jaw
Whoa, you NEED to put this on cgtalk! :o