what do you guys think

thats very nice indeed.

I think it would look better if you turned on AO…maybe…try it :slight_smile: . Also the chair on the left looks like its floating…there is no shadow there.
Apart from that, I like it :slight_smile:

nice :slight_smile: maybe you should add a little bit reflection on the flour (and on the table) add some noise at the walls, and turn on AO. The table texture looks a bit weird, but it’s a good start :slight_smile:

Try to get good lighting without AO first. You already have a pretty good lighting set up.
As for the table textre, if you see the edge of the table the texture goes like so ||||, this is not the “proper way” for the table texture, on the edges it should look like this ==== (so to speak). You already have a great wooden feel to the texutre (colors, noise, etc etc) so stick with that.

The hills outside the window look too false and shine too much IMHO.

But this is looking good :slight_smile: Keep up the good work :smiley:

I would say, try to turn on shadows and you get the depth you need for the scene…if you use lamptype: Spot you can use shadows and turn it on in renderbuttons…

forget AO, as beginner it is better to learn the basics, and AO doesn’t solve all the things you want, better to learn the standard 3 light setup, a good site is this:

good luck!

AO is easier than 3 light setup, so why not start with the easiest as a beginner?

I like how the floor is one big solid wood board. :o

Maybe try a different floor texture and add a bump map.

because then you are starting at the wrong end of the basics learning 3D graphics, AO is not the solution to all light/shadow setup, and it is not the best solution either at all times, and also, it generates loads of rendertimes :slight_smile:

with correct light (lamp) setup you can do marvelous things… :slight_smile: and when you know it you will notice :slight_smile:

well, im gonna click the AO button for now, tomorrow i will learn the 3 lights setup :wink:

deja vu -> sims 2 :o
very nice

My only note is that the texture on the chairs seems incongrouous. All the lines go === but that is not the way the pieces of the chair would be cut from wood. If you change everything but the seat and the top of the back to ||| it would look more natural.

You should move things around just a little bit too… When you set the table you don’t normally lay things out perfectly aligned.


I absolutely love the texture on the table legs, and the picture on the wall is a nice touch. The color-layout is very sophisticated (you don’t normally see this kind of thing in anything but real-life). Good job.

Of course, this is better than I can do…

Ze curtains! Zey are zo dark!

I like it, but I think the textures could be alittle better. Im not the best but I do like to work with scenes like this, but it does look like the chairs are hoverings but thats just what it looks like to me. Maybe try some reflection on the wood flooring.

iiih, the texturing is very bad, but I like the simplicity of the models…