Here is a pic i made today. It is made for trin my light skils in YAFRAY.

And here is another one with DOF on, and a other texture for the table.

with one is best?

C&C is varry welcome

first one.

I like the first one. Because it has a nice counter-top texture. And DOF isn’t really needed, as there is nothing to focus on, just a general area in a kitchen, but this is your call.

You should also put up a screenshot of the setup while in blender if your looking for crits on your lighting.
Just in case you don’t know, to take screenie get blender up, move your perspective(in the 3D view) and press ctrl-up, with you mouse cursor over the 3D view, to go full screen, then take a screenshot by pressing “Print Screen” on your keyboard, it’s one of the top buttons, to the left.
Sorry if you already knew that.

For the render, I think it’s too bright for this particular setup. If you want to be able to see your work, you should use GI. But remeber, if you use it, you have to have a texture for the world, to help YafRay acheve its fullest potential(i.e. it’ll work better).

But, most importantly, you should really work on it hard if you wanna make a good render. Try looking for tutorials on Google for stuff your working on. Try “stucci blender tutorial” or “wall blender tutorial”.

Try hard, and I bet this will look great. But, then again, it already looks pretty good.

Here is a screenshot

Pleas any one come with som C&C

I personally like the second rendition because of the warm, soft lighting. The first one just doesn’t look right to me for some reason. I also like the wood counter top, just get a better wood texture.

the lightning:
“witch one is best?” actually, none :stuck_out_tongue: i mean why would there be light on the wall next to the window, above the cap of the artificial light. and sum else i wonder…why is there artificial light, if there’s sun coming in? also i’d suggest to lower the sun lighting power.

the modeling:
sweet, you realy made it seem as if you are in the picture, allthough the angle of the camera pretty much killes the reality. for one day: good :wink: i’d suggest putting in a window :slight_smile: (where i mean glass with)

can you send me the file plz? i’d like to play around with the light a bit.

Thanks for the critique. I know i not is good at making light, and that is why i try to make et now. I would be varry happe if you want to play with the light in my scene, so here is the .blend file

Hey, I just finished tweeking some lighting and other stuff. I’ll put up a screen and instrutions and render you want me to.

I playied a bit with it. :slight_smile:

  • A little postpro in PS.


Varry good, pleas tell my how you make it.

And the ,blend would be nice too.

Download the PDF documentation from here:

I learned a lot about yafray from this. :slight_smile:

Thanks varry much, i think it is varry good, i lernd much.