new day, new project…
the last one was an outside shot of a formal garden and villa. now its time for my kitchen. its even based on a tutorial but i have a real life reference to check it against…

so heres what ive got to start with. its mainly lighting and textuing that im doing this for. the end goal will be photorealism

just meshes with a clay texture, and rendered in yafaray with photon mapping. i think that white burnt out stuff in the corners is mesh penetration. theres no planes being used, everything is a proper solid mesh

C&C are most welcome


ah, how to i love yafaray…

righeo, this is a photon mapping render, with 3 passes of AA and 4 AA inc and AA samples. 50000 photons, 1 area light and a simple sky enabled. im pretty happy with the reflections ive got so far - which is the main reason i bothered to wait for this render and then upload it…

the second picture is my kitchen - not very tidy, but at least all those dishes are clean!


good start.

and this is the end of day one learning how to texture in yafaray… so very satisfying


good job!!!

thanks ionee. im quite happy with the days productivity.

another day and ive got textures on most of the meshes, and built a reason for the scene - someone’s just ran out to catch the bus and left their breakfast on the bench…

i finally figured out what i was doing wrong to get multitextures to work… light bulb moment really…


lol, i really like the toast!

Cool ! looking forward to see more renders with more details :wink:
as ionee said above: good start !

thanks for that…

i think my toast looks a little thin on second look, so that will change, and it needs the crust still but i ran out of time for the day. tomorrow will be more texturing and maybe some cloth work, for the t-towels. then some more appliances i guess.

i dont think the cubards at the top are big enough.
compare it to the refrence.

my ceiling height is lower than it it should be. i started without reference so the dimensions are all guesswork. but yes, the cupboards are clearly to short

here, have a kettle and fixed reflections on the roof… the sink was bouncing light in a very unappealing way


i’ve finished the kitchen now, but i wanted to post the final images into the finished gallery, not sure of the forum etiquette on this sort of thing, so here’s the final thread

FearMan (MR)

Very nice for a first start in working with Yafray!
Can you give use some information about your Yafray-Settings or …?

i’ll post a light set up and render settings screendump into the finished thread, and its yaf(a)ray, not yafray.
thanks for commenting.