Here is a kitchen scene that i am currently working on. It isnt finished yet but let me know what you think.

Hey - this is just amazing. I really the like way you have textured the surfaces of the meshes. I think a photo-realistic render is one the way. Look forward to your progress on this.

ok, here’s some crits:
-first, render as png, or set jpg quality to 100–compression artifacts are not becoming :no:
-try a more interesting composition, it’s too high, and straight on.
-lower the ceiling, or increase the height of everything else; they look like midget cabinets :stuck_out_tongue:
-bevel the sharp edges–nothing is really that sharp
keep working, it’s already good, it just needs polishing. :yes:

how do i bevel the sharp edges?

In Edit Mode, press W -> Bevel…

here is an update of the kitchen so far:

its really very beautiful. i like this very much. thanks for sharing this with us.

okay another update, i wanted to make the scene a bit warmer, let me know what you think.

looking good. kitchens are a very common theme for blender people… :smiley: though if your following that tut that looks very similar to your kitchen, you’ve forgotten the sink

there’s too much bounced light above the upper cabinents, either you’re using planes for walls or they are emiting light up there. if its planes then they ‘need’ some thinkness for the renderer to work correctly, or you need to play with the the difradius and the AA settings for hours to remove it… id use a box for each wall, and roof. move your window lamp outside. youve got something doing a wicked light burn in the upper mid area of the window which is a bit nasty.

the light colour you’ve got is really nice, I do think you want to enclose the wall behind the camera to get a better light model though - not to toot my own trumpet but heres my settings

nice work

thanks for the comments. firs of which tutorial? i couldnt find anything good or simple enough to understand lol. the sink isnt done yet, i wanted to get it right before adding anything else. the kitchen is base on ine at home. yes i am using planes for walls so i will correc that in the next render. the window lamp is outside. and i will enclose the wall behind the camera as you said and see how that elps. cheers for the help mate.

okay here is an updated render, which in my opinion is worse, so i will have another crack at it.

on a side note is it possible to do field rendering, ie. render a portion of the scene? iknow you can render the current view without rendering what the camera sees, but i want to render a small portion of the bench. is thi possible?

Try shift +P for the preview window a decently fast processor will show the scene in a min or 2

or shift B in the camera view and then hit the border button under render options

Also if the wood texture is cubically mapped than it could be a lot smaller probably by a factor of 5. Try to get the sun coming through the wood slats so that it shows every slat in the shadows and use a spread of 1.15 on the sun rays angle.

If they are uv mapped I believe hat you just select the UVs and scale them up with S till the wood grain looks more realistic. looking good so far.

The marble texture has same issue its really easy to fix.

sorry i should have mentioned using yafaray, i know that blender can and thats what i would like to do with yafaray, if it posible

okay i figured how to do it, the reason i needed this is because i am getting a white spot on the bench. can anyone tell me how to get rid of this.

here i the render preview

and here are the settings

yeah, that’s a specular reflection, which means you have something (lamp, bright spot on the cabinet) that is being reflected.
i’m looking at your settings:
try reducing the number of photons to 10,000 or so.
change the in and out gamma to 2.2 (that’s the standard, except under certain circumstances)
reduce the photon depth to somewhere around 5,
FG increase samples to something like 16 or 64, and increase the depth to 3 or so.
for testing, drop the osa to 1, and maybe increase the passes to 3–5
turn on add skylight, if you want

ecellent its perfect, cheers mate, i will post a full render soon.

what would be the desired settings to increase to make it look even better? i will be going to bed soon so it doesnt mater if it will take hours to render.

okay here is an updated render and there are a few flaws so i will sort them out before the next render. namely these are:

microwave too reflective
oven handle and dials arent even texured(never noticed it before)
sink could be more reflective

if you can see anything else please let me know

looks good, you should have more lights but dimmer, helps even things out.
keep it up!

hours to render

yeah, that’s the consequence of photorealism.
for less noise, increase OSA samples, and FG samples
more bounces won’t really make a difference.
the microwave, reduce the glossyness of the reflections
same for the stove and (washing machine?)
i ain’t never seen a clothes washer in a kitchen, but that’s just me.
you may want to try anisotropic/brushed reflections