A fairly simple scene I’ve been working on during the ongoing winter break.

Rendered in cycles with 800 samples.

As always, constructive critique is very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Its looking very nice,
my critics or questions:
I don’t get the texture on the blade of the chopping knife. I think its to messy
It the light not too hard, or the refection on the surface too soft? (The glance in the middle)
Is the anisotropic shading of the pan right?

Could you show the setup?

I did increase gamma of the diffuse map(too much it would seem), so I guess that’s why it seems messy.

Yea, I guess the glance in the middle does kinda sting your eye if you contemplate it.
Node setup:

And yes, that is pure anisotropic shader, roughness 0,1 anisotropy 0,9 rotation 0

The plates need a higher level subsurf; the sink, where the light catches the edge near the taps, it looks like there are some geometry issues.

Looking good though

Nice work, it’s beautiful how grow the infoarchitecture in blender

Ok, here is my focused critique. The counter has bit to much gloss also looks a bit to smooth. The texture on the wall is a bit repetive, some variations in the tile would be good. Geometry on the glass bowl is a little off.

Thanks for feedback guys, I appreciate it.

I agree with the texture being repetitive, since it literally is just one tile that repeats itself identically over and over throughout the uv.