This is a scene i wanted to do for a long time

its an exact model of the kitchen my grandma used to cook on, and it remind me a lot of my childhood

Looks nice but… are those giant Kiwis? O:
Scaling needs some adjusting. The gas can also looks a bit large. Oranges or basketball? That knife certainly looks like it came with a permit.

lol Pause. Yes, that knife does look like a weapon :slight_smile: Love the easter egg in the form of the blender+logo though!

yes i think i had some problems with the fruits, but i said this was a model from my grandmas kitchen and the knife is that big, there is a funny story with with it…
also the gas tank was really big, the one in the model is a little bit smaller than the real life one

Thank you for sharing:)

Holy cow that’s a huge knife, your grandma sounds awesome XD

my dad tells me that the knife wan an old knife my gradmas dad used in the farm and for some reason it ended up in that kitchen, i think it was when there was a family dinner and they wanted to cut big portions of meat.
The story is that when i was a child i went to my grandmas house with my dad an my uncle because she was sick, and we were going to chop some fruit for her but we only found the big knife and it was funny watching my uncle trying to cut a tomato with that huge knife
That´s why its next to the sliced pickles XD