Hello everyone. This is my first project. I made it few months ago. Textures and noise reduction done in Photoshop, rest done in Blender and postpro in Motiva Real Camera. 1500 samples (there should be more). I’m waiting for some opinions from you.


hi, really nice image. In my opinion is a bit too flat in terms of color, and also the lighting is not so exciting. I would try to add some more color variation and some more highlight. Also, I think that the metal of the kettle and the pot is way to blurred… reflection should be a lot shaprer.

But nice work in general! :slight_smile:

Looks very good aside from the metal material, try using anisotropic shader with less roughness.

Very nice and lot of details.


That’s very nice i like everything but try to use some depth of field and fix the metal material, but it looks nice overall. :slight_smile:

Very good !
Rendertime ? Hardware ? Final resolution ?

Kind regards