Trying something new, Interior modelling. Never done anything like this before. Down to details now on this scene, but please tell me the first thing that strikes you what can be improved.
Fun fact, the room it self is a model of my livingroom.

This render is low sample since it is a work in progress.

God I love cycles!

Cycles @ 2000 samples, 3:31:34.

First, I would like to say that it isn’t bad. Next, I want to say, 2000 samples isn’t low. Haha, my idea of low is about 100 to 200 samples. (I don’t want to see your idea of high :p)

It seems fairly good so far. A few things stuck out to me though, the counter tops seem to be a bit sharp, maybe give them a slight bevel. Not huge, but something that would curve them ever so slightly so that I wouldn’t cut myself if I ran my hand across the edge.

Next thing that kind of sticks out to me is the sink. The basin(s) look really shiny. I don’t know of many sinks that could possibly stay that shiny for more than a day. The actual tap itself looks like it is kinked in some places. I don’t know if that is how you want it, but it looks a little weird to me (as does the angle that the water would come out at).

The next thing that draws my eyes in are the knives at the back. Something about them seems off to me, I can’t quite tell what it is though.

It is a good start and I look forward to seeing where you go with it. I do like all the wood.

Thank you!

I have done now what you suggested, and will have a new render done tomorrow. Will render it while I sleep at 5000 samples (That is what I consider high for this scene, it depends on the scene really, but for this one that should be enough even for the final render :smiley: )

Here is the updated version with the inputs from yesterday.

Cycles @ 5000 samples, 08:37:48

I like it, but there are some things thats catches my eye :slight_smile:
Overall you have some very sharp edges. The cushings on the chiars are way to perfect and straight, and the tap is too low now imo. There is something odd about the frames on the back wall, and the cloth next to the fridge is hanging in an unnatural way I think. Normally when you take interior shots as a photographer, you turn on all the lights thats available in the room, and I think your render could benefit from that as well, especially the lamp over the sink would brighten up some half-dark areas.
The green bottle looks a bit wide on the lower part compared to the neck, but thats a very small detail :slight_smile:
I do think your materials looks great though, and I love the half-transparent curtains. The gloss is spot on for the woden material :slight_smile:

First of all 10 samples is low to me and I have never ever used 2000 samples. second thing is that the plates and little plates look a little off in that they look like they aren’t level. The third one is the light from the roof at the base of it it seems weird but I don’t know what it is.

Great feedback! Thanks!

Here is a new render at 1000 samples (01:38:01) baed on your suggestions.

Redid the sink and tap based on real life items.

Curtains and towel are now done using cloth simulation.

Made the seats more soft. (Some wierd edges on them now though, will try and fix that)

Removed the frames and replaced them with shelves.

Made edges on counter a little more soft.

Turned on the lights.

Stacked the plates more close together. (They are leveld, might be the focal length I use)

It is coming along nicely… A couple little nitpicky things seem off to me… the 2 handles on the cabnets below the sink seem too thin… maybe it’s just the angle. The electrical plug should probably be modified… it looks like you have modeled the wall plate that covers the plug, but not the plug itself. The only other thing is I really wonder if your counter tops shouldn’t be a little thicker.

You have added a lot of nice details to the scene and it really is looking good.

It’s just getting better and better, good changes IMO :slight_smile:
To be honest though, I would redo the lamp thats over the sink. It’s big and not very stylish compared to the rest of the kitchen. I’ve attached some pictures of solutions for to get inspired from, if you should chose to change it :slight_smile:

Thats how it looks like in most modern kitchens where I live…

@ harleynut97: Thank you for the feedback! Yes, the counter tops and handles had to be larger! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Also, I remodelled the electrical plug, hoping it will stand out more now.

@Wega: Thanks for the pics! I was already scavenging the net for inspiration! As a scandinavian man myself, I went for that kind of design!

Here is a 200 sample render (render time 00:22:32) of where it is right now. I also wanted to add more life to the image, so I opened a window! :slight_smile:

I really like what you did with the curtain on the left… looks very convincing and adds a real nice touch… nobody’s going to be looking at the plug now :slight_smile:

I most certainly like where this is going. I will mention that if you want to boost your render times even more, you can drop the resolution a bit. If I am looking at that correctly, you are rendering in 720p. For WIPS, you hardly need to be going high-definition. You could very easily drop it down to something like 960 x 540. If your dimensions are default, you can just slide the percentage down to 50%.

Now, for the image itself. It feels a bit cool, but mostly pretty bland. Maybe give the sun light some yellow tint (not too much, don’t go nuts, but just a slight tint). I also feel like the face of the island counter that is toward us is a bit dark. Maybe get a little light in that area.

Otherwise, I like where this is going a lot.

Looking better but I must say that plate thing is weird, maybe I am just losing it. I would have to say the seats look A) very uncomfortable and B) Like they would break if I sat on them. They need a little support around the middle.


@azzaisme: Im trying to understand what you mean about the plates…but I cant. From what I can see they are level (see pic). All I can think of is the focal length of the camera that may cause it.

I will have a look at the seats and fiddle around with the lighting today, But here is a 3000 sample render that was cooking during the night.

I think I can kind of see what they are talking about with the plates. It could be that there isn’t enough definition between where the shelf and the side of the cabinet meet. With that reflection right there, it kind of looks continuous but at the same time not. Maybe a little AO would help.

Yeah it is confusing me. Maybe I Blender has finally made me lose it. I believe you that they are flat they just don’t look it. Also I think it is the fact that the top of the table stops where the bottom seems to keep going?


I think I have a solution, but I wont know until I tomorrow when the render is finished. Hard to tell in low sample. It might work, or Might make it worse. But your feedback in this project is great, so thank you all again!

Top work 5 stars.

Thanks Kramon!

Yea, the AO made it worse, some horrible side effects. Will try something else.

Don’t worry about it I am just losing my Marbles