Hi all!

This is a render of a kitchen remodeling project. All done with blender and cycles.

I’m used to render with octane and for this time I gave a try to cycles. I thought that it couldn’t give me this result but although is not a spectral render nor bidirectional I’m very glad with its performance and realism.

Appliances are from archive3d.

Fantastic render! :smiley:

Very good!

Looking good, man!

WOW, great render

Good quality of the rendering.

Can you share some infos (rendertime, hardware, rendersetting) ?

Kind regards

Sorry Alain, I didn’t noticed your question. Render lasted 6 hours if I remember correctly with a GTX570, I will post the settings if you want, although they are nothing special. Thanks for viewing.

At what resolution?
How many lights in the scene?

This is my kitchen design using blender. How does it look, do you love the interior designs.


The scene has 4 light sources, The sun, two fill meshlights and the enviroment light (black on the second image). Maybe the sun is redundant, I did a lot of changes because first I wanted a sunbeam across the window.

Resolution was 1920x1080.