This is the latest project I have worked on. Some of you may recognize some of it from Andrew Price’s tutorial on creating a kitchen, but you can also see that this was done in cycles instead of luxrender.

This is a breakdown of the scene:

Earlier Sketchfab WIP:

I like that there is more color warmth in this final scene, as seen in the bread and wood, than the renders in your WIP thread.

The plates are way too reflective.

Thank you! That was one of my main concerns near the end.

I was going for a plate with this material:

But you are right still, I will turn down the reflectivity.

I fixed the problems everyone pointed out and Re-Rendered at 2.5X the samples!

For me wooden material on shelves looks innatгral, more like metal painted as wooden stripes. And something wrong with local contrast ( hard to describe, floor area at right edge too “evently bright”? ). Maybe you beter add few imperfect details that have strong shadows like bump map or furnitures.

Maybe you have too big albedo on floor? Check that floor wood texture material reflect small enough amount of light, real live wood reflect a little, at least far less then painted white, but in picture they looks almost same.

I see what you mean about the shelves, but not quite sure what you are talking about with the “local contrast”

For the floor I was going for a more glossed wood, rather than raw wood. This is what I was going for:

You should either find an end grain texture for the ends of the shelf planks, or remodel the shelves so there is a piece of wood running across the end of the shelf. Remodeling would be a cabinet builder professional’s solution, unless the client specifically requested the rough-hewn peasant look.

I would be cautious about using those references: they are brand spanking new never used showroom stuff. Daily use will quickly wear the high gloss off ceramics, metal and polished wood, toning it down into a softer, more velvety sheen. IMHO, the softer sheen is more inviting and natural looking than the showroom stuff.

Thats a good idea! I will keep that in mind for future renders.

I didn’t spend much time finding that image, I was just showing the type of flooring. I tried not to make it overly shiny. (Cycles doesn’t give many specularity options)

Cycles gives you complete control over specularity in the node editor.

It gives you roughness, but that doesn’t let you control things separately.