My first interior scene. Rendered in cycles (1500 samples).

Another render:

Any suggestions on what should be improved are welcome, so that I know what to change in some future interior scenes. I spent a lot of time trying to set up lighting but I’m not sure if it is realistic!? Also what do you think of modeling and materials (I think maybe I messed up some of materials)? Anything else wrong?

Well, looks like some kind of a derivative from Andrew Price’s tutorial.

Anyway, the modeling looks great and the materials are great as well, but work a little more on lighting.

Like Salai V V I think the modelling and materials are great.
The effect of your window lighting looks realistic to me too, but I am uncertain of the interior lighting. I can appreciate your desire to generate specular highlights particularly for the recessed items but I am in two minds about how you have achieved this. It might be useful to know, broadly, what light sources and set up you have used. The only real issue I have is the apparent artefact of the reflection on the leading edge of the sink cupboard. Whilst this is possibly photo-realistic it represents, to me, an unwanted focal point.
Looking forward to more of your work.

@ Salai V V: Thanks, I’m pretty much newbie and hope I will improve my skills and learn much more. So far lighting was one of the hardest things to learn. As for modeling I made all objects from scratch and I did follow Andrew Price’s tutorial for making some of them.

@ ubiquity: Thanks for encouragement. As for lighting setup I used a sun lamp as main light through that window and hdr image for environment lighting, a little bit of ambient occlusion, and as secundary light sources I made two holes in walls out of camera view (imaginary windows) and put emit planes over them with low energy.

I think you model really well as a newbie, just keep trying something new and you’ll eventually get better and better.

Good Luck

I like really like the entire effect. One thing I noticed was that the loaf of bread doesn’t look as good as it could. Aside from that one small thing it’s amazing.

This reminds me of my first render! Because this is “focussed critique” I’ll give you everything I noticed with what is wrong with the 1st image, or takes away the “realistic” factor.

  • Design; I struggle with this also. Use plenty (I mean dozens) of reference photos from professional interior design websites to base an idea on before you begin. The design of your kitchen is boring to the eye. The tiles, for example, are horrible and the textures on the cupboards make it look dirty and unwelcoming. You would not want to cook in that kitchen!

  • Modelling; the modelling is OK but the objects lack any fine detail you would notice in real life. The window frames, for example, are much more complex in real-life than in your image. Using the ‘Archimesh’ addon (Google it) can save you time with this and give you reasonable results.

  • Texturing; The textures on the closest counter on the right are not aligned with the geometry. The same can be said about your cupboard doors and the textures seem to be of low quality. This makes the image look messy and unreal. The tiles are all the same shade of beige. Again, look up reference images for modern styles of design and steal some of their ideas. Try to use the best quality textures available. If you’re stuck using the smallest tile-able textures from CGtextures, try using the un-tiled large textures and learning how to make them tile-able yourself; there are lots of tutorials available on Google.

Materials - this is a difficult one, but your materials all seem too basic (this might be to do with the lighting also.) I might browse Blendswap and download sample scenes, disassembling them to see how their materials work. Again, their are some good Google-able materials out there for realistic cycles materials, and possibly even a library or two. These always take a lot of trial and error to get right so be patient!

Lighting - despite one or two spots of highlights the image seems fairly flat and too dark. I would use reference images of real photos to see how the scenes are lit; every scene is different, however, and there does not seem to be one right answer. Brighten it up for a start!

Composition - the angle is a little low for my taste (often shots are taken from average human head-height) but again this is basic taste. You could read some photography books on composition to see how the pros do it, following their examples. The exterior photo may be brighter and you can composite some “glow” effects around the window frame, as well as some more interesting reflections in the glass & any chrome materials in the scene (these can often look too clean and may benefit from dirt/smudge maps - this is a fun thing to learn how to do!) You may even want to look into volumetric lighting and add some “God rays” to your scene for added flair.

Anyway, good first attempt and hopefully my words may be of some use and encouragement.


@ jechadwell99: You are right, bread does look uneatable :slight_smile: Thanks.

@ MarcJames: Thanks man, I really appreciate constructive criticism and yes, your words are very much of use. I will keep in mind these suggestions for future scenes and try to improve every aspect you mentioned. I am overwhelmed with informations and tutorials in past two and a half months and yet blender is so fun that I want to learn more every day and try to make more scenes that are independent from tutorials. I hope I will be closer to realism with every next render and maybe try to improve this scene after I learn more things. Once again - thank you.

The modeling is great and the lighting could do with some work but the main problem is you using a blurry gloss texture instead of a anisotrophic shader.