Hi, this is my new project in Blender. Some models are not mine. Please give critique good or bad as I’d like to know what I did right or wrong. Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Overall nice render (though I don’t like cabinets without handles, but that’s another story). The nespresso seems gigantic, you might want to check its size.

I recognize nothing of wrong in the proportion and there is many kitchen without handles like this, i find it’s a nice work, just a bit noisy.

Well done, Mardybum! Nothing really wrong here, the only thing you may want to add is a touch more imperfection to make it more real. That could be in the texture treatments, particularly on the floor and where feet would rub against the wood. The lights being on throws me a little as well. They look great, but it just doesn’t seem like they should be on with that much daylighting in the scene. If you get rid of them, the whole may read as more authentic. Just a couple thoughts. Great work!

My first impression is that it looks boring. And the design is not appealing.

On technical level it’s good, except the noise. Test with denoiser builds that are available.