KitchenAid Mixer

A 3D model of a KitchenAid mixer I made as practice. It has some challenging shapes, but I think I handleed them pretty well. I ended up with a model with pretty clean topology, but some flaws here and there probably. If you have any tips, tricks or critique you would like to share, I would love to hear them. :grin:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Oh wow! Thank you so much I just saw it! :star_struck:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Ziet er strak uit Sjoerd! :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t skimp on the small details. You put the screw Hole in the back, but didn’t put a screw in it.
Also, the bowl isn’t brushed stainless. Yeah, it’ll get scratched up for sure, and it’s perfectly chrome, but the bowl is polished.
The graphics on the band also aren’t correct. It looks like maybe you modeled it from the tilt head model, but used the bowl lift band. They aren’t the same.
Older versions of the standmixer Did have a stamped logo on the front, but the logo was polished in that case. And certain colors have the logo as polished, but not raised. The current color models, the logo is just black text.
The band around the unit, does have screws on the back, but they are probably taller than you have. You should see them from the side profile. Also, the band isn’t strapped on top of the body, it’s set in. You shuold see a subtle ridge where it’s set in on the top, and the bottom is a separate piece, so that’s where that ridge is from, at the same thickness.
Did you also put a polished band on the orbiting cover? That is just a stamped piece of sheet metal. Any appearance of shininess there is just circumstance from it being near the edge.
The handle on the bowl, awesome that you got the weld points in, but there are finger ridges in the actual bowl.
This also has feet. They are white on these colors, and you can see them. You’ve got it slammed to the ground.
The bowl also a screw shape base. That also means that the base should have 3 ridges on it to capture the bowl. And That has 3 visible screws on it as well.

This looks great, but modeling and rendering an iconic product is similar to modeling a human celebrity. Everyone knows what they look like, so it’s really easy to spot that it’s a rendering.

Good topology, but be sure you’re capturing all of the details. And it seems like you’ve sort of married 3 different standmixers into one.

I remember when Mom had one of these…I miss that mixer. (I think we need to repair it, is all…but that’s been years in the making.)

At the very least, you got the front and overall head shape recognizable enough to set off my age-old recognition neurons :wink: