Kite In The Sky With Bubbles

Hey there everyone. I got inspired today and this was the result. I would absolutely love some feedback, any critiques on how I could make this piece better would be awesome. Thanks so much.


Everything looks great except the bubbles

Keep in mind that the so called “bubbles” are not supposed to bubbles at all, it just sounds nice as a title. I was going for more of an orb kinda feel.

I sense a hint of attitude in that comment…

Anyway, they look 2d was my point.

Nope, no attitude just saying that my title may have been misleading. Thanks for your comment though, I’ll work on getting them to look more spherical.

Yeah i agree, they look like 2d circles…i think they just need shading thats all

Revised version, the bubbles/orbs have more shading now. Any other ideas on what I could add/do?


Hmm, the kite looks like a light…

But spheres are better!