Kites for Kitesurfing

Hi all,
I’m using Blender + Python to design kites for kitesurfing. It’s probably not a typical blender project (if there is any :slight_smile: but it may be interesting for some of you.

To get the CAD sewing patterns for the kites i wrote several python scripts that:

  • read the kite configuration file and calculate the 3D coordinates of the kite
  • create the kite as 3D meshes in blender
  • render the kite (freestyle) and export the different views as images
  • unfold the kite by calculating the UV coordinates of the meshes
  • add seam allowances to the patterns and align them evenly distributed
  • create a preview of the sewing patterns in Blender
  • export the sewing patterns and save them as DXF files
You can download some kite models (blender files) and the sewing patterns (DXF files) here: Kite Downloads

Or view some more pics of the kites in the air and on the water: Kite Discus
Some information about the software: Wingcalc
And if you want to know how to sew a kite, here is a manual: How to sew a kite