KitOps (Free Version) Error

Good morning,

I purchased Definitely Eeevee from Blender Market. It requires the use of KitOps, and I’m starting to read the manual and watch the videos about how to use KitOps.

Can anyone tell me why I’m receiving this error (see below) when I attempt to add an insert? I emailed a short message to Mr. Walters, but I’m sure he’s busy and I figured that since it’s probably just a stupid newbie error on my part someone here might be able to take a look see.


  • Mark

Hi @markholley , you can find him here in forum. I ping @chippwalters for you. Good luck!

Thanks filibis!

Problem solved - I updated both Blender and Kit Ops (from 1.13 to 1.14) and it seems to work fine.

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